There Is A Rising Scope Of Accounting With Cloud Computing Benefits

With the rising scope of cloud computing the available opportunities to accountants as well as the clients dealing with them is being raised. But if you are a new user or a person new to cloud computing you might not be able to realize its pros. Pros of cloud computing are very important to understand before knowing how much beneficial it is for accounting purpose.

There are innumerable benefits of cloud computing but here are a few of those listed for your reference. Knowing these chief ones would give you an idea about how useful cloud computing is.

• Highly secure- The security provided by cloud computing is always greater than that provided by software used in PC. The risk of viruses is also absent in case of cloud computing thus they are a complete solution for security.
• Automatic backup- Files and important data in cloud computing are easily backed up and there is no headache of storing it in drives and remembering its location. In case of PC if you forget the location of your files it costs you a big deal but it is the same with cloud computing.
• Low cost- Any businessman is mostly concentrated in reducing costs and this is exactly what cloud computing offers. There are no costs of buying software and hardware in it. Even the upgrades to it are costless thus you can now allocate your money strategically.
• In order to get a subscription in SaaS like that of PhotonVPS you need to pay a monthly subscription. Thus it helps remove the costs of PC accounting software renewals which are always costlier.
• Cloud computing allows mobile access to owners also thus they can get to know about the current accounts status anytime and anywhere. Also a link is established usefully with it.
• Bank details are also fed naturally into the system and there is no need to take an update. Even email updates are automatically received in it so there is no worry of lagging.
• The data on the important announcements, financial statements etc can be known by any user from anywhere in the world just if he or she has an internet connection with him.
• You can not only mange your own accounts but also those of other companies through cloud computing. Thus it makes you aware about everyone.
• There are several other benefits such as it makes changing scales easier, you do not need to maintain huge paper on accounts with it, the tasks that you want to repeat can be automatically repeated and many more such benefits of cloud computing are there.

Knowing these would give you the reasoning behind why should you use cloud computing in your accounting work.

Why Businesses are Choosing a VPS Over Shared Hosting

For years shared hosting has been the crème-de-la-crème of hosting opportunities as it would provide businesses and individual owners with the opportunity to harness an ample amount of power associated with hosting services. As time progresses, more and more companies and individuals are beginning to take advantage of a cheap Linux VPS from PhotonVPS in comparison to traditional shared hosting. The internet is becoming the largest platform available for businesses to sell products and reap the benefits of customer satisfaction. In order to experience these benefits, a company must own and operate a website that is hosted on a server that is not only reliable but that is also extremely efficient.
Having sole access to the server is the most important benefit to consider. This means that once a user purchases a server, they will be the only people able to access the files and personal information on the server. In comparison to shared hosting, where other users could gain access to each individual server. To maintain the highest level of security, more companies and individuals are beginning to use a cheap Linux VPS in comparison to traditional shared hosting.
Another benefit associated with finding a cheap Linux VPS is that users are able to have their own array of tools and management options that are unique to their own website. Each end user will be able to customize their own server without having to worry about the other servers on the same network. In terms of shared hosting, each party would be required to share the same resources which can not only be troublesome but incredibly inconvenient. In comparison to this, companies and individual users can maximize the personal customizability of management tools and options for their personal cheap Linux VPS
For users who are less experienced with computer applications, there are bound to be times when they want to experiment with different tools and applications. If users end up experimenting with different applications and something “breaks” the entire server, Linux provides users with the opportunity to completely restore the system prior to the accident. This option is unavailable with traditional shared hosting, which helps end users to play around with different tools and components without having to worry about inflicting irreversible damage to the entire system.

web hosting at Rackspace

seo-service-processEarly May came to a great start for web hosting provider, Rackspace. The company’s most recent quarterly results reported good news: better than expected results after demand had rose for the company’s services.

The company now forecasts their current quarter revenue to end well above current Wall Street estimates.

‘After the bell’

Earlier this month, Rackspace saw their shares rise at least 12 percent after the bell closed during trading hours. They also forecast their revenue at about $434 million to $440 million for the second quarter, ending soon in June.

Analysts, on the other hand, expected revenue around $435.5 million, according to sources at Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Rackspace’s Chief Executive, Graham Weston, commented that they were ‘encouraged by qualitative factors, which included the thousands of new customers they had added in the [last] quarter.’

Their net income, however, fell to $25.4 million (18 cents per share) during the quarter ended March 31. It fell from $27 million (19 cents per share) about a year earlier. Net revenue did rise 16 percent, reaching $421 million.

Analysis did expect an average profit of 12 cents per share for a revenue of $419.4 million.

Other aspects of their business, such as their dedicated cloud services, saw revenue rise 11 percent. Rackspace’s dedicated cloud revenue accounts for 71 percent of their total revenue. Public cloud revenue also rose, by more than a third.

Despite the better than expected results, they did close about 30 percent down on shares during the year Monday. That Monday, their stock closed at $27.53 on the New York Stock Exchange.

About Rackspace

Rackspace Hosting is a web hosting provider based in Windcrest, Texas with other offices located in Blacksburg, VA (email and apps), Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA. Additional offices are located within the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, India, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. They also host data centers within Texas, Illinois and Virginia, in addition to Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The company currently offers two levels of web hosting service for customers. Managed support gives customers access to on-demand support, where Rackspace provides customers proactive services with the option of using their customer support for additional assistance.

Intensive support provides customers with various proactive service, in addition to other consultations to help run them run their specific server configurations and other hosting solutions. Rackspace provides resources for prospects to learn more about their services at

Hosting service

Since 2007, I’ve been working on my website. I created it with the intention to have some clients when it comes to the hosting services. I started to learn some basic things when I was a little child, so later it became my passion. I learned how to create websites and I thought that it should be my primary job. Every beginning is difficult, but I had to start from somewhere. It is a very profitable job, because everything in nowadays people’s life is directly or indirectly connected to electronics and internet.

I was always good at making web pages, and creating new online applications. One day I got an idea of making something profitable. I knew that with the right dedication I can make anything possible. At that time hosting services were not so available like nowadays. If you wanted to find someone whose work is good and genuine, you’d have to search really well.

When I started working with this, I was all by myself. As the time went by, my job was becoming harder and more complicated, and I couldn’t handle that alone. I hired two men, and together we brought internet hosting to a whole new level. We earned a lot of money with our web page and we attracted many clients. And day by day, the amount of money increased. I could never imagine being this rich from the money I earn from such indirect way of service. Neither could my colleagues and teammates. We now see how perfect our job is, and how we contributed to the growth of this business by opening our web page.

But don’t get me wrong, it is not that easy as it seems. Sometimes you have to work for ten or twelve hours a day. It is not something that you can leave for tomorrow. There are deadlines, and if you don’t deliver your work in time clients won’t be satisfied! Sometimes you won’t have time for Saturday night out, or for a coffee with your friends, but sacrifice is inevitable. That’s the price you have to pay for the success. But it pays off, trust me. Nothing good comes easily. And the most important thing is that you have to enjoy in your job. If you think that you could do it just for the money then you are wrong. It’s is lucrative business only if you know how to play a game. You have to understand that your work must be flawless. There is no better recommendation than the quality of your own work. Just don’t give up.

It was always my dream to have a job that I love. Profit I get is just a bonus. My life motto, since I was a little child was Mary Wollstoecraft Shelley’s quote: “My dreams were all my own; I accounted for them to nobody; they were my refuge when annoyed- my dearest pleasure when free.”. So follow your dreams and talents-you could only succeed, never fail.

Hosting service

For many years now I do a web design. My goal is to enable everyone to place his service, product or organization and gets its place on the internet. Internet sites have always been a luxury, and the cost of making them was always a problem for customers. About 40 % of companies and 70% of tradesmen have no website, which confirms the fact that in this dynamic environment the most of the people still don’t trust this kind of promotion as they literally waiting for someone who is passing to accidentally come in their shop or company. So I formed a group of professional people. My team consists of graphic designers, web designers, programmers and software architects. Things which are complicated to others we solve with ease. When it comes to my larger projects, I’ll mention a few. The first was for the lawyer’s office one of the most prominent lawyers in my town. Although I was a beginner, I was still entrusted this task to prove my knowledge (or ignorance).

Fortunately I ended this project on our mutual satisfaction, and I acquired the recommendations for further work. Also, it was the first time I had earnings that passed a few hundred dollars. Not bad, right? After that I worked a lot of websites for local businessmen, I had quite a few embarrassing situations. Once it happened that for a few days I was trying to explain that the price of $ 500 is more than reasonable considering the amount of effort required. But he still felt that I was some kind of a cheater. Obviously he was not aware of how long it takes and that what he sees is actually just finished product of a long labor.

Perhaps the biggest and most difficult project that I was working on was for a pharmaceutical company. But I must admit that I also got a good deal from this one. I got a few thousand dollars, and all my hard work paid off. Although I had to sacrifice a lot of free time, satisfaction after the job is done is priceless. Sometimes I wondered whether it is worth to invest so many hours. Several times I was even thinking of giving up, but in the end I realized that this is something I’m good at, something I truly enjoy. Of course from time to time a man wishes to do something else that he thought it would be good for him, but I think that you need to put some effort for the things you’re talented for. No matter how detailed my work is, at the end of the day, when I see that web site is done, I am genuinely happy. And I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to do this job because if I never did this, I could hardly imagine that I’m doing something different every day , for hours and hours. This is my life and this is what makes me happy.

Hosting service

In case you think that the job of web designers is one of those that can be well paid and at the same time you won’t work too much then you are mistaken. What is certain is that sometimes you can even end up not being paid for your work. Why, you ask. Let me share with you one of my experiences which was the best lesson for the future. When I first started this job, I thought that in this world everything is perfect and there are no chances of me becoming a victim of a fraud. I found a job on the Internet site and there was a customer for whom I thought that will be fair, but in the end he was not. It all started over an ad where I placed my bid. Since I just learned to deal with that kind of work I thought I’d hardly get the job, but I tried anyway After a few days I was very surprised when I saw that I was picked to make that page. I communicated with this person via e-mail. At the beginning he did not act suspiciously because I thought it was standard procedure that the client wants to know all the steps you plan to do. But eventually I realized that something was wrong. I did my job correctly and I finally extradited final product, but there was no answer. I was fooled. This man literally did everything that I told him. He already did all the steps I did. And that’s how he made the page himself, and everything I was doing was in vain. I could not believe it. I wanted to completely give up the job. But then my friend told me the this:

”He’s not going to pay a cent. For a week or two I had contact with him. He does not have any budget to create a website. He often asked questions like could you tell me how you did this, how this goes, how it goes … He just wanted you to teach him how to make a website, and did not want to pay for it. So I realized it was a hoax. I’m sorry that I couldn’t warn you before”

I wrote this with the intention to spare you time, effort and nerves that I lost. I’m in this work for a long time now and I encountered all sorts of crooks and wannabe’s looking for sites that they can only dream… And finally, just one advice for all of you. Never discuss the price before finishing the job. When you have a product ready, and then give your customer requirements, because quality work should be in the forefront. When he sees how well you perform your job, he will not even ask for the price but will pay as much as you are looking for. Let your work be your best recommendation. You can make it, trust me.